Are you familiar with crowdfunding opportunities and what that means for you as an investor? If not, this is a great opportunity that you must take advantage of. For anyone who may be confused, the experts at Luxe Crowdfunding are here to clear the air. With all the new SEC regulations and intrastate crowdfunding bills, it is very easy to lose track of exactly what is going on. Don’t worry. Our commercial real estate investing company is here to assist. We are available national.


Time To Get Started

Real estate crowdfunding has become a billion dollar industry in only a few short years, and there’s a reason for it. Crowdfunding enables investors to access the real estate market while mitigating some of the inherent risks found in all investments. For this, you must jump on board now!  While it may not be perfect for everyone, real estate crowdfunding offers many attractive features. Ask our commercial real estate investing experts today.


Reasons To Take Advantage of Crowdfunding Opportunities

We are here to inform you of several reasons why you should consider real estate crowdfunding. They are as follows:

  • Portfolio diversification.  
    • One of the first things most investors hear is that they need to diversify their portfolio.  Real estate crowdfunding allows investors to diversify their portfolio by investing in the real estate market.  While the stock market has been on an upswing in recent years, there’s no guarantee that will continue forever, and real estate offers investors a chance to hedge their bets.  Private real estate returns generally do not move in tandem with the equities market and are not as sensitive to short-term market volatility. No investor can consistently predict market crashes, but portfolio diversification can help you weather the falls better.


  • Low minimum investments.  
    • Historically, investing in real estate has been a practice only available to the wealthy elite.  Buying an investment property usually required large sums of cash, often up to six figures. Given that the average 401k balance is only $100,000, that’s left a lot of people out in the cold.  Real estate crowdfunding addresses this issue. Many platforms allow investors to participate in deals for as little as $5,000. This lets investors enjoy the benefits of real estate investing while limiting downside risk.


  • Geographic diversification.
    • All real estates and markets are not the same. Real estate crowdfunding gives investors the opportunity to vary their risk profile by investing in more markets than they otherwise would be able to.  Want to invest $100,000 in 10 different markets across the country? Real estate crowdfunding lets you do that. Alternately, an investor who feels strongly about a particular market can focus on that market, even if they live halfway across the country.  Real estate crowdfunding expands the horizons of real estate investors.


  • Wide variety of deals.  
    • Real estate crowdfunding platforms offer different types of deals, giving investors the opportunity to assume only the amount of risk that they’re comfortable with.  Investors can choose between lower-risk, lower reward debt offerings or higher upside, higher-risk equity deals. Are you interested in stabilized retail properties or new development projects?  The odds are that you’ll find something you’re interested in on a real estate crowdfunding platform.


  • Asset transparency.  
    • Real estate crowdfunding offerings are often compared to REITs, but there are several key distinctions between the two investments. Crowdfunding allows for much greater transparency and control over asset selection and location.  If you invest in a REIT, you may know the general types of assets that the REIT invests in, but you won’t know anything about the specific properties. With real estate crowdfunding, you can select the markets and properties that you’re comfortable investing in.  You will also receive periodic updates on the property, something you won’t get with a REIT.


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