What is a better choice for you as an investor, REITs or rentals? The professionals at Luxe Crowdfunding are here to provide all the information you need when it comes to how to invest in real estate. We are the leaders when it comes to commercial real estate crowdfunding in the United States.


What Is Best For You?

Many investors understand why they should invest in real estate for the long-term. Income-producing real estate can create a reliable stream of cash flow, sometimes requiring very little maintenance from the investor. The trouble comes when trying to determine the best way to invest in real estate. When looking at real estate investing options, most non-high-net-worth investors consider rental properties and REITs. Each option carries its own set of advantages and disadvantages, which suit some investors more than others. Here, we examine the pros and cons of rental properties and REITs, plus other factors that would behoove investors to consider before choosing how to invest in real estate.


Invest in Real Estate: What’s The Difference

  • REIT
    • A real estate investment trust (REIT) is a company that makes debt or equity investments in commercial real estate. REITs were created in 1960 to give individual investors access to invest in income-producing real estate without needing to buy an entire property. REITs offer a passive way to earn potentially sizeable returns from real estate investing. With this passive approach, investors receive the benefit of higher liquidity and less responsibility.
  • The Benefits
    • Passive investing
    • No expertise needed
    • Low investment minimums
    • Liquidity
    • Diversification
    • Regular cash flow
    • Tax benefits
  • Rentals
    • Rental property investments can be lucrative opportunities for those interested in taking a more active role in their real estate investments. They can generate monthly cash flow in addition to longer-term appreciation. They also offer the benefit of direct ownership, which presents tax advantages, and the potential for personal net worth growth. But, with these benefits comes myriad ongoing landlord responsibilities that require constant, hands-on attention.
  • The Benefits
    • Regular cash flow
    • Asset appreciation
    • Asset appreciation
    • Freedom and Flexibility


Many investors understand the benefits of adding real estate to their investment portfolios. It can become a valuable stream of cash flow when managed well, creating a reliable income source and furthering financial freedom. Before beginning, it’s important to assess which option maximizes return potential for your particular expertise and commitment of time, money and responsibility.


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