Did you know there are many people out there who invest before they actually see the property? For many, this seems to be very risky and not smart. At Luxe Crowdfunding we are here to explain exactly what happens to an investment before you see it. We are experts when it comes to individuals wanting to invest in real estate online. We specialize in commercial real estate crowdfunding.


We focus primarily on commercial real estate projects operated by experienced real estate companies in the middle-market sector. We target this sector because we believe it is an attractive market segment that has traditionally been out of reach for many investors. Since each opportunity is unique, a certain level of due diligence is key to assessing the risks associated with a particular property.


5 Things That Happen When You Invest in Real Estate Online

  • Evaluate the Sponsor
    • We believe that sponsor quality is a leading indicator of a worthy investment opportunity. A sponsor’s prior experience and track record are critical in deciding whether the project meets our standards for listing on the platform. A sponsor must pass this first step of diligence in order for us to further consider their project.
  • Evaluate the Asset
    • We believe that attractive risk-adjusted returns can be found in value-add, middle market opportunities.
    • Since each opportunity is unique, a certain level of due diligence is key to assessing the risks associated with a particular property. If the project measures up to our rigorous standards during the asset evaluation stage, we then pass it on to our underwriting team.
  • Underwrite the Deal
    • We believe that proper risk analysis, through the intelligent application of data and industry expertise, is key in real estate investing.
    • By leveraging our in-house data and team of experienced real estate professionals we further evaluate the business plan and market demographics to reach a depth of understanding about the risk/return profile of the opportunity.
  • Negotiate the Transaction
    • We believe in protecting our investors and mitigating risk. We review the legal terms of the transaction and negotiate on behalf of investors to ensure potential risks have been considered. In the case where later problems may arise with a project, we want to have deal terms that allow us to step in to mitigate and hopefully recover capital for our investors.
  • Obtain Compliance Approval
    • We take compliance seriously. We want to ensure that we have done everything in our power to protect ourselves and our investors throughout the lifecycle of their investment. Therefore, we solicit both internal and external compliance approval at every step, before preparing the investment opportunity for publication on the website.

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