The apartment and rental industry are really competitive these days. Renters place a high value on convenience and community and are willing to pay whatever it takes to get it. Which means that owners who are looking for multi family properties for sale need to be aware of how to attract possible renters and offer them all the amenities they’re seeking in a luxury building. Some of these may include pools, fitness centers, as well as updated kitchens and bathrooms. Luxe Crowdfunding is Chicago’s resource for learning how to accomplish all of these goals and how to provide all of the amenities renters are after.


How To Spot a Luxury Building

With all of these options out there for people to choose from it’s important for owners who are looking for multi family properties for sale to understand that they need to make sure that their buildings offer everything renters are looking for. In order to do this following the guidelines below can be extremely helpful.


  • Convenience is Key: Renters want their lives to be easier so providing things like lockers for packages, dry cleaning services, or a doorman are a great way to make them feel like the building is making their life easier and ensuring they don’t want to live anywhere else.


  • Fitness & Health Are Important: Having a fitness center on site with state-of-the-art equipment, healthy vending machines, and even a juice bar will be a huge draw for possible renters. On top of a fitness center offering classes like yoga, kickboxing, or dance could be a great way to keep your building at the top of every renter’s list.


  • Focus On Work From Home Renters: Research shows that over 3 million people across the country work from home. Providing things like high-speed internet and workspaces could make residents feel more comfortable when they’re working from home. Also, providing conference rooms or a business center could be a huge attraction for residents who host meetings and need extra space to do so.


  • Create the Ultimate Social Experience: Residents who pick luxury apartment over other buildings are looking for the ultimate social experience and opportunities. Having things outside like heated pools, tanning decks, firepits, areas for their pets, grills, and rooftop patios are essential to keeping their attention. While having indoor amenities like entertainment centers with pool tables and big screen TVs will pull them in. Also, hosting weekly events for the renters in the building provide an excellent opportunity to prove you’re interested in what they like or want.


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