At Luxe Crowdfunding in Chicago, we are proud of the innovation that we bring to our clients in multi family real estate investing. We are firm believers in the benefits that tangible assets can bring to a person’s portfolio, and we understand how to create the ideal opportunities for our clients. If you are looking for multi-family real estate for sale, contact us at Luxe Crowdfunding and find out more about the investment opportunities we have available.


1) Financing is Easier


It is true that it can be more expensive to finance an apartment building than it is to purchase a single-family home. At a glance, an investor may believe that it is far easier to invest in a single-family home than in an apartment complex. However, the opposite is actually true. Banks are more likely to approve a loan for a multi-family complex than they are for a single-family property.


The reasoning behind this lies in the cash flow. Owning a single-family property does not guarantee a steady cash flow because, if the tenants move out, there is no one to pay rent and the property becomes vacant. However, in a multi-family complex, if one tenant moves out, there are still other tenants on the property. The loss of rent is much smaller fractionally than it would be in a single-family home.


2) Faster Portfolio Building from Multi Family Real Estate Investing


If you are looking to build a large portfolio, there is no better way to do it than by purchasing multi-family properties. In order to build a portfolio of ten single-family properties, you would likely have to apply for ten separate loans, conduct ten separate inspections, and negotiate back and forth with ten separate sellers. On the other hand, by selecting multi-family real estate for sale, you minimize the effort and still have ten new additions to your portfolio.


3) Hiring a Property Manager is More Financially Sensible


When you have a small portfolio and you are only handling one or two properties, it does not make sense to hand off the day-to-day dealings of that property to a manager. However, when you invest in a multi-family property, you are able to create the kind of profit that is necessary to hire a property manager without reducing your margins.


These managers can then take care of all the minute details of caring for your property such as collecting rent, handling evictions, and maintaining the actual property.


4) We Have a Fully Integrated Platform


The primary appeal of trusting Luxe Crowdfunding is, of course, our platform. We utilize our platform to maximize the quality and control of the properties so that you are always exposed to opportunities that bring in returns, and are delivered on time and on budget.


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Luxe Crowdfunding has properties in both Chicago and Florida. We offer multi family real estate investing that provides a real return on investment. If you are looking for multi-family real estate for sale that will breadthen your portfolio and expand your understanding of real estate as a whole, contact us today.