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What Are The Fundamentals?

Fundamentals such as housing supply, wage growth, vacancy, and rental rates provide information to help you make clear and purposeful investment choices. The success in commercial real estate requires careful study of the fundamentals. Especially in today’s volatile markets, where “scary dips” and “rapid climbs” dominate the news cycle, the diligent investor must sidestep the drama and stay focused on his goals.


Real Estate Assets and Fundamentals

  • Multifamily
    • Multifamily properties were one of the first asset classes to start performing well after the 2008 financial crisis. And today, this high-performer continues to rise with the tide. One reason for its stellar returns is a record-low vacancy. Vacancy rates provide investors a predictable method to measure risk. Namely, the likelihood of renting a multifamily unit in a given area. 
  • Office 
    • You can’t talk about office properties without mentioning employment growth. This fundamental has been a leading driver in many of the 18-hour cities we’ve discussed in previous articles. After all, people go where the jobs are. U.S. employment growth has been steady since about 2014. And that’s good for office demand. But an unexpected response to this demand is space utilization. Instead of entire office buildings going up, we’ve seen increased efficiency in available spaces. 
  • Retail
    • Keep an eye out for companies that combine an online presence with a physical space. Especially with the rise of IoT technology, where sensors, apps, and mobile devices work in tandem to provide shoppers with immersive experiences. Because at the end of the day, population concentrations exist in attractive areas. And people get enjoyment from physical spaces that keep them entertained. Just because retail is changing, doesn’t mean it won’t evolve into something more exciting.
  • Industrial 
    • Recently, the industrial asset class has been a darling for investors and lenders. Companies looking to capture the last mile of the supply chain are utilizing industrial warehouses to store their products. As a result of lots of absorption and some changes in the types of industrial spaces available. As an investor, now is the time to explore different industrial property types and consider what their future might hold. Industrial space in an area that is gentrifying might turn into the next CrossFit gym, craft beer hall, or farmer’s market. 


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