Real estate investment opportunities are becoming more and more appealing to millennials, and Luxe Crowdfunding in Florida understands why this trend is occurring. As a real estate investment group, we have seen the changes to the market over the past decade and we are excited to welcome in a new wave of investors.


Skeptical of Stocks


Millennials remember the recession back in 2008, and it has affected how they view their investments. While the bubble of the housing market also played a part in the recession, many millennials still view the stock market with great trepidation. In fact, in a survey conducted with people of different age groups, millennials were the highest percentage to believe that the real estate market has performed the best out of all asset classes. The second highest percentage was Generation X’ers.


Market Bounce-Back


The recession of 2008 led home prices to fall for twenty months in a row, but the market has since recovered. In fact, places like Portland, Denver, and Austin have seen a monumental rise in housing prices. While it is true that millennials wait longer to purchase their first home than prior generations, reports state that half of those who are purchasing a home for the first time are under the age of 36. Additionally, those who are purchasing a home for the first time actually make up 47% of overall property sales.


This is not the only good news. While more and more millennials are renting rather than purchasing a home of their own, a staggering 86% of millennials who do rent currently plan on owning their own home at some point. In actuality, this translates into 50 million homebuyers who will be one day entering the market.


Real Estate Investment Opportunities are Tangible Assets


Millennials are, of course, influenced by the internet. As such, they are paying attention to the expertise and experience of finance bloggers who, more and more, are putting preference on real estate investments instead of stock market investments.


This is largely because real estate investments are a tangible asset. Stocks are difficult to quantify, but with real estate, you can see the investment as well as occupy it if you so desire. Because millennials are so visually-oriented, real estate presents a more desirable opportunity.


In the past, millennials chose not to invest in real estate because of the large downpayments. However, with the advent of investing platforms from a real estate investment group, millennials can start to take advantage of real estate investment opportunities more and more.


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