Crowdfunding is the use of an online platform, like real estate investor websites, is a way for companies to pool money from a group of people to help raise funds for a new investment. This way of fundraising has really taken off over the past few years, and thanks to new developments in technology and the ability to connect with people remotely and quickly have helped businesses of all sizes raise capital. If you’re thinking of using this method to raise money for your company, it’s crucial to know how to create the best crowdfunding sites for investors. Without an attractive website, it can be hard to grab people’s attention and get them to invest money. If your looking to get involved in real estate investing Luxe Crowdfunding is the resource, you need. They help national investors get started in real estate and offer guidance through the investment process.


Understanding Real Estate Investor Websites

Crowdfunding not only benefits the businesses looking for money, but it also presents investors with potential opportunities that they would otherwise never get the chance to invest in. These investment opportunities are a great way to bring companies and investors together that wouldn’t have met otherwise. In 2016 crowdfunding reached $3.5 billion and has continued to grow over the past few years. As real estate continues to evolve as an industry, it is apparent that crowdfunding in real estate is here to stay and will only continue to become more popular. However, some investors are reluctant to get involved in crowdfunding, even if they are found on the best crowdfunding sites for investors because of the myths that surround the investment method. It’s time to take a look at some of these myths and debunk them.

  • Only Bad Deals End Up Crowdfunding Sites: The truth is deciding to put a deal on a crowdfunding site has zero to do with the quality of the deal. Often it’s the size of the deal that makes a business decide to put the investment up on a crowdfunding website.


  • Crowdfunding Sites Are Just Marketing Websites. They Are Just “eBay For Real Estate”: Naturally, some crowdfunding sites and platforms are better than others, but this doesn’t mean that they are “just marketing sites.” Of course some platforms don’t do their due diligence when posting crowdfunding opportunities, but for the most part, they all vet deals before posting them, and some even fully underwrite all the ones they offer.


  • All Crowdfunding Sites Are the Same: Each website changes depending on the team of experts behind it. When you’re choosing a platform to utilize it is important to pay attention to the product that is being offered and whether or not the products being offered fit your needs.


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