How much do you know about the world of investing and crowdfunding? Here at Luxe Crowdfunding, our team is here to make sure you are fully aware of the common myths you may face as real estate investors. We specialize in the best crowdfunding sites for investors. Our team is available for everyone across the United States. 


What Are The Myths?

  • You Need a Bunch of Money to Get Started
    • One of the biggest myths and probably the number one thing keeping anyone from becoming a real estate investor is thinking it takes a lot of money. Yes, there are certain deals that are going to be expensive. However, there are also many ways to purchase a property for much less than you’d think. You just need to be creative.
  • It’s Best to Buy Real Estate in a Down Market
    • A common thought is that it’s best to purchase property only in a down market. While the purchase price will be lower, the rent you can charge will also be much lower.  
  • Raising the Rent Will Drive Away Tenants
    • Many people believe that when you raise the rent on a tenant, it will drive them to look for someplace else to live. The key is to be gradual with your tenants. Instead of increasing the rent to market value in the first year, do it over time. 
  • You Should Own a Home Before Becoming an Investor
    • Many people believe that you need to actually own a home yourself before you can become a real estate investor. This isn’t true at all. If you’ve never owned your own home, but know you want to become an investor, this would be a great time to buy a duplex and become an owner-occupier.  
  • Becoming a Real Estate Investor Is a Way to Make Passive Income
    • When it comes to investing in real estate, you can make it as passive as you want. However, the more hands-off you decide to be, the less profit you will have. This is a business, and you should treat it that way. 


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