It is a time when real estate property investments are an intelligent choice that creates lasting results, and there is no better platform to find these opportunities than Luxe Crowdfunding in Chicago. We are driven to provide investments for our clients that actually bring in notable returns, and we utilize our experience to make it happen. As a real estate investment group, we know the effects that an informed decision in investing can have. With the right tools and team at your side, you too can see the difference in your returns.


Understand the Market & the Renters


What the renters may have in mind for their ideal apartment may not, in fact, be what you would consider to be ideal. By looking at research and surveys of what renters look for in their apartment rentals, you would see a very different picture than what is actually available in most apartments. Consider taking these things into account, so that you can select a more desirable investment.


Of course, what renters want is not going to be the same in every state and certainly not every city. An array of variables factor into desirable features, so be sure to do your research about your specific market. Class A properties, for instance, will cater to renters who would benefit and appreciate ample technology such as automated light switches, thermostats, and video cameras.


Consider Diverse Amenities


Amenities that can make your life easier and make your real estate property investments more profitable are always a bonus. Think about adding things such as smart thermostats that will allow residents to save money on their utility bills and can also notify you if there is an issue with maintenance. You can also consider water monitors as an option as these will let you know when there is a leak or even automatically shut off the valve when necessary. This can save you costs on water damage down the line.


Other amenities to consider for your residents are things like keyless access systems which are more accessible for residents and simultaneously safer. You can also include things like LED lighting which can save money on electricity costs. Lastly, convenience-related amenities such as online rent payments make life easier for both you and your residents.  

Pick the Right Partners


Despite the many options on the market at present, it can be difficult to parse through which ones would work for you and which ones wouldn’t. That is where a platform run by a real estate investment group made up of highly-trained, experienced individuals can help. By curating only the best investment opportunities for our clients, we help them avoid mishaps and maximize growth.


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At Luxe Crowdfunding in Chicago, we understand the stakes that are involved in investing in real estate. We strive to be a source of expertise as a real estate investment group, and we work hard to offer real estate property investments that will grant our clients the success and return that they’ve been searching for. For more information on how we can help you, visit our website at Luxe Crowdfunding.