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How Do You Measure It?

Another major question in real estate investing with no single, clear answer is: What is a return on real estate investment? Basically, similar to any other type of investment, here you are trying to measure how much money you will be making from your income property, factoring in the size of your initial investment and any other one-time or recurrent costs. Measuring profitability in real estate is different from measuring profitability in stock investments, let’s say, because of the different nature of the two businesses. There are 3 most widely used methods for calculating return in the world of real estate investments.


Check Out These Ways Including Real Estate ROI

There are 3 most widely used methods for calculating return in the world of real estate investments.

  • Return on Invest (ROI)
    • Many investors and other real estate experts would argue that ROI is the single most important number when it comes to returning on real estate investment. The ROI is a measure which is used to evaluate the efficiency, or profitability, of an investment. It gauges the amount of return on a certain investment (i.e., the rental income in case of real estate) relative to the investment’s cost.
  • Capitalization Rate
    • The capitalization rate, or the cap rate for short, is another widely popular metric for measuring return on real estate investment. The cap rate is the rate of return on an income property based on the net operating income(NOI). One huge advantage of the cap rate over other profitability indicators that it shows the rate of return regards of the method of financing.
  • Cash on Cash Return
    • A third widely used metric for determining the profitability of a real estate investment is the cash on cash return or the CoC return. Unlike the cap rate, the CoC return varies with the method of financing, as you will see in the formula in a bit. The CoC return measures the annual return on your investment based on the NOI and the total cash investment.


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