A lot of people in Florida are looking for an opportunity to get involved in real estate because of the earning potential that’s involved. For real estate investment companies the senior housing market has proven to be an excellent opportunity to continue growing their organizations. If you’re looking for advice on how to get involved, it could be helpful to speak with experts in the field of real estate. Luxe Crowdfunding is a real estate investment group that can help answer any questions that you may have about potential properties or opportunities that could help grow your own portfolio.


The Senior Housing Market Has Stayed Strong

Real estate investment companies have seen the 55 and over housing market stay positive and continue to grow throughout 2018. Builders and developers keep seeing a demand for not only single-family homes but also multi-family ones and condominiums for this age bracket. However, as the demand keeps growing for these properties, it’s become harder and harder to keep up with it due to the high prices of materials.


When the numbers were examined for senior properties, it was clear that within the last six months sales have increased by three points. However, research also suggests that there may be a slight decline in prospective buyers over the next few months numbers are expected to rise again shortly after.


The 55 and over housing demands have risen dramatically in terms of rental properties, which provides a great opportunity for new investors to get involved. The present production went up six points from the previous quarter, and they’re expected to keep going up over the next six months. The production points are projected to jump 11 points into the next quarter. Not only has production risen, but the demand for new units is expected to grow as well by at least four points in the next few months while longer projections show a growth of at least seven points over a six month period. With numbers like this, if you’re looking to get involved in real estate, this presents the perfect opportunity to do so. Starting small with a single rental property can allow you to get your feet wet while learning the ins and outs of the real estate game.


All of this demand can be contributed to the economic growth people in the 55 and over community are experiencing right now. Due to their established lives and “empty nests,” a lot of people in this age bracket have found themselves leaving their homes to buy or rent homes in a 55 and over community. The only downside with this growing demand is the problem it presents for developers to keep building as quickly as people want to buy.


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